(This post was published last year.  Many of the techniques used in journals are found in this portrait.  I thought she looked ready for a New Year’s Eve party.  Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and creative new year!)

She’s the talk of the town…

Mixed media portrait 1920s flapper

“A night at the opera”, mixed media on 12 x16 paper.

Excerpts below from the 1919 Broadway musical “Irene”.

When I first wandered down into town
I was proud and shy, as I felt every eye
And in every shop window I primped passing by
Then in manner of fashion, I’d frown…

Oh, what a gal, she’s the talk of the town
Little bit o’ lipstick and a pose
A million dollars worth of clothes…

This is the second time I paint a flapper.  In 2016, I painted Flossie .

I love the costumes and hairstyles from the 1920s.  With Flossie, I added mica flakes in her cap and collaged paper napkins in the background.  Both effects worked really well and the painting is one of the only ones I have hanging on the wall in my house.

I nearly scrapped “She’s the talk of the town”.  She went through many changes as I tried to salvage her.

I collaged paper in the background that I found at The Graphics Fairy.  This site offers lots of free printables including vintage images which I like best for my art.

The background was muted with acrylic paste which I then coloured to match the paper I was using.

Then I didn’t like her hat and tried different styles.  The fur in her coat was a challenge as well and I painted over it several times until I was satisfied.  Finally, she was supposed to be holding a little box, as though she had received a ring.  That didn’t work out either.  So now, she holds a beautiful dainty pearl studded evening clutch.  I have come to terms with her quirks.

As you can see, sometimes, there is a bit of a struggle before something worthwhile happens on paper or canvas.  I am coming to terms with this as I gain experience painting.

What have you learned from practising your hobby or passion?



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