Sisters: don't mess with them!

Sisters always stand by each other. They are sharp-witted and far more wordy than boys. In any battle of words, girls will come out ahead.

"No one could have called Mr. Standen quick-witted, but the possession of three sisters had considerably sharpened his instinct of self-preservation." ~ Georgette Heyer, (1902-1974) a prolific historical fiction writer who specialized in the Regency era.

(This post was originally published in June 2017)

Three Sisters print available here.

Three Sisters - Watercolours and Micron and Pitt pens on Canson XL watercolor paper

Three Sisters - 12 X 18" watercolour and micron pen (mixed media) on Canson XL watercolour paper.

Although we were only two girls and one boy in our household, the girls always stuck together no matter the issue or problem. Our unfortunate brother was caught in the middle, literally and figuratively.

Of course, he was often the author of his own the time he went into the freezer and ate the filling out of the butter tarts mom had made for Christmas. Imagine her surprise when she came to serve the tarts and only found crusts in the freezer!

Or the time he nearly electrocuted himself, or set the house on fire. Whenever he tried to pin the blame on us, we were quick to defend each other. You just don't mess with girls!

So when I read about Mr. Standen and his "sharpened instinct of self-preservation", I laughed at the memories the quotation conjured up for me of my childhood. My brother was always in some sort of trouble at home, and the girls watched as fate or sometimes mom, meted out the consequences.

Watercolours require patience

I learned to curb my impatience with watercolours and to add layers slowly allowing each layer to dry.

This sounds easy but isn't when you are used to working with acrylics that dry very quickly whereas watercolours do not.

Each painting is a new learning experience for me. I love experimenting and then discovering that I have moved forward as an artist by trying something new.

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