Sketchbook flowers are an antidote for blahs.

A well-filled sketchbook can be the perfect antidote for the blahs especially when you paint bright, bold flowers.

When life throws a wrench into our best plans and forces us to pivot one more time; in fact, when there are several wrenches thrown all at once, and we feel like a whirling dervish trying to cope with everything, art therapy in a sketchbook allows us to slow down and forget all our problems, if only for a while.

A sketchbook is for practice, not perfection.

Perfection is not required nor is it expected in a sketchbook.

I have ruined several sketchbook pages. Eventually, I cover them with gesso or collage and start over. Nothing is truly ever ruined in art. More layers add interest!

Use what you have in your sketchbook.

Ordinary pencils, markers, pens and almost anything lying around the house can be used to create lovely art work.  Magazine pages, old wrapping paper, tissue paper, yarn... all can be surprisingly effective in a sketchbook…you are limited only by your imagination.

So when many wrenches came my way this past January and February, I started filling my Stillman and Birn Epsilon sketchbook. I have a sketchbook devoted to flowers, one for travel another for pets, others yet for all types of experiments. However, as February was #28februaryflorals challenge on Instagram, I have concentrated solely on flowers.

Hydrangea sketch by Louise's ARTiculations


Some pages are a disaster.  For instance, I tried using old flowers for imprints on a page…what a mess! But nice texture was left behind which I can use to create something else later on.  I am not discouraged when art work doesn’t turn out the way I had planned…everything is a learning experience.

Pet Portrait Commissions.

Digby commissioned art
Digby ready to be picked up by client.

More pet portraits on the way soon...once I can access my art room again.

At the moment, I have a backlog of commissions until May approximately.  Contact me for any special projects or to have your name added to my waiting list.  Visit my pet portrait page to view my portfolio and to see my price list.  I paint on canvas, on paper, wood slices, reclaimed cedar boards, etc.  There are lots of options!

Cheers from the Art Room (now the living room).


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    • Thank you Phil. Hard to believe it is already March…have a productive week! Regards from way up north! 😁🇨🇦

    • Most of these florals were done with markers. I used Posca markers in some but most were completed with Lineo Acrylic markers by a Canadian company from Montreal, DesSerres. I think you may be seeing the vivid colours of the Inktense water soluble pencils I used, particularly in the hydrangea illustration.

      My favourite acrylics are Golden and Liquitex. Only one floral was completed with acrylics.

      I hope this helps! Cheers!

        • 👍 If you art is mainly in journals, I would invest in less expensive acrylics like the Amsterdam line or the Basics acrylics. I use Golden and Liquitex Artist quality paints for commissions and some journaling. Golden acrylics are very pricey.

    • Oh? That is a very high compliment. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your own sketchbook work! 😉👩‍🎨

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