Summer is in the Can.

Summer is in the Carnation Can is a play on an idiomatic expression.

When we say that something is "in the can", we mean that it is completed or it is a done deal. The title is wishful thinking on my part. Who knows what kind of summer is in store for us this year?

“In the can” is thought to be from the movies when completed films were sealed in an airtight can. I cannot say in all truthfulness whether this is the actual origins of “in the can” expression. But it seems plausible so I am going with that story!

Summer is in the Carnation Can
Summer is in the Carnation Can. Mixed media on 20 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas.

Summer is in the Carnation Can.

Who doesn’t remember having at least one Carnation can in the home at some time? For readers who love to bake, there might be Carnation condensed or evaporated milk can stored away in your cupboard for those special occasions that call for homemade goodies.

This is a mixed media painting on a 20 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas. The sides are painted to match the front.

I used acrylic paint and then collaged my own gelli printed leaves. Then, I added gold foil to the sunflower and gold lines to the leaves (which aren't all visible in the above photo but are lovely when the light shines on them).

Inspiration for this painting.

I often think of the simple pleasures of past summers. This painting evokes images of:

…children picking flowers and bringing them to their mothers who might place them in whatever available empty can is on the kitchen counter...and who hasn't done that?

…baking sessions (of course!) using sweetened condensed milk for delicious ooey, gooey squares …

…cans reused for practical purposes to store pens and pencils, and whatever other flotsam and jetsam that might be conveniently stored away for a time.

If this painting speaks to your heart, Summer is in the Carnation Can  is available for purchase.  Please contact me if interested.

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  • Louise, I love the whimsey of having the carnations in a carnation milk can. Great idea for this painting. Now I’m picturing a maple leaf next to a container of maple syrup. Beebalm and a jar of honey. Can you just imagine the stories you (or I) could tell!

    • Hi Karren, yes, this type of painting has lots of possibilities. I was even thinking perfume bottles, the old vintage type…I threw several away just before we moved and now I am kicking myself. Isn’t that the way it always goes? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    • Hi Vivienne! I don’t know about inspiring others! I have some canvases that were just hanging around and as I have lots of bare walls, I started thinking how I might fill those walls with paintings. There comes a time when I might have too many paintings …so I have to walk a fine line! ??‍?

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