February’s teacups are the epitome of femininity. Delicate flowers, tiny porcelain feet, gold filigree embellishments…

For Valentine’s Day, I send you a virtual hot cuppa along with tender morsels of chocolate to sweeten your day. This post was previously published in 2016. At that time, I requested that my readers send me photos of their teacups. If you scroll to the end of this post, you will see the links to other posts with painted teacups.

watercolour July teacup

In previous posts, I asked readers to send photos of their favourite teacups. The first such teacup above, was emailed from a friend who was in my high school art class eons ago. We recently found each other again on Facebook.

When I think of her, I remember two very giggly girls in art class. We must have been very annoying for our young, single, male art teacher. Thankfully, he was a very patient man. In fact, he might have been the reason we were so silly. In my mind’s eye, I still see Glenna’s youthful, smiling face.

The teacup was given to her by her mother for her birthday.

We are a long ways from July, but I loved the flowers on this teacup, and I decided it was time to paint her teacup now rather than wait until summer.

I added the little candies because there are no rules, right?  One can drink out of a July teacup even though we are eating Valentine’s Day candies.

watercolour yellow rose teacup

I have several favourite teacups from my mother’s own collection. This is one of them.

For as long as I can remember, this teacup was displayed with all of Mom’s other dainty cups in her dining room. My sister, inherited them, and displays them in a special cabinet in her new home.

I added the chocolates because Mom loved chocolate and as they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Which tender morsel would you choose?

Do you see the Ferrero Rocher? There are two of those…the oblong one is most likely an Almond Truffle and then there would be a Raspberry Ganache, so smooth and velvety, and a rich creamy Chocolate Caramel, and maybe a Dark Chocolate Cherry among the other sweets waiting to be savoured.

Please note, when I published this post in 2016, I was sent photos of several different teacups.  As I love variety in my work, I wouldn’t mind painting a few more teacups in 2019.

If you have teacups you would like me to paint, please send your photos.  Even the flawed teacups are gratefully accepted (who isn’t a little flawed after all!)

The photos should be between 300k and 3mb in order to give me the best resolution for drawing the teacup. Shots from several angles also make it easier for me to reproduce them.

If you would like to learn to sketch and paint for relaxation, I offer sketching and watercolour workshops that can be tailored to suit your interests. It is so enjoyable, not to mention therapeutic, to lose track of time and place in the process of the art work. You too can record in your sketchbook the moments or mementoes that enrich your life.

Now go and enjoy your tea (or wine) with a few chocolates on the side. Any day is a good day for chocolate!

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  • These are lovely Louise, I especially adore the quotes rimmed around the edge of the teacups. A wonderful way to keep the memory of your mom and her teacup. Enjoy your weekend and happy painting!

    • Thank you Laura for stopping by. You are a great inspiration for me. Your teacups are so lovely. Have a great weekend!

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