February's teacups are the epitome of femininity. Delicate flowers, tiny porcelain feet, gold filigree embellishments...

watercolour July teacup

The first teacup was sent to me from a friend who was in my high school art class long ago. When I think of her, I remember the laughter we shared in class and I know we giggled a lot as teenage girls are wont to do, probably much to the annoyance of our bachelor art teacher, a very patient man indeed. In my mind's eye, I still see her youthful, smiling face.

The teacup was given to her by her mother on the occasion of her birthday. I know, we are a long ways from July, but I needed a splash of colour in my art work, and I decided it was time to paint her teacup now rather than wait until her birth month. I added the little candies because there are bound to be leftovers in our homes after Valentine's Day.

watercolour yellow rose teacup

For as long as I can remember, this teacup has been displayed with all of Mom's other lovely cups in her dining room. My sister, who will be moving to our hometown very soon, will inherit them, and she will no doubt display them in a place of honour in her new home.

I added the chocolates because anyone who knew Mom knew that she loved chocolate. Which one to choose? Do you see the Ferrero Rocher? There are two of those...the oblong one is most likely an Almond Truffle and then there would be a Raspberry Ganache, so smooth and velvety, and a rich creamy Chocolate Caramel, and maybe a Dark Chocolate Cherry among the other sweets waiting to be savoured.

If you have teacups you would like me to paint (and I do want to keep practising), please send your photos to me at louiseaprimeau@gmail.com. Even the flawed ones are gratefully accepted (who isn't a little flawed after all!)

The photos should be between 300k and 3mb in order to give me the best resolution for drawing the teacup. Shots from several angles also make it easier for me to reproduce them.

Now go and enjoy your tea with a few chocolates on the side. You deserve them!

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  • These are lovely Louise, I especially adore the quotes rimmed around the edge of the teacups. A wonderful way to keep the memory of your mom and her teacup. Enjoy your weekend and happy painting!

    • Thank you Laura for stopping by. You are a great inspiration for me. Your teacups are so lovely. Have a great weekend!

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