"I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck. ". Author unknown.

The delightful Mother's Day flowers crowned her in a regal manner.

Which mother wouldn't rather wear the flowers handed to her with love from her child, (even though often plucked right out of her own flowerbeds) than all the diamonds in the world? Who wouldn't be thankful for those chubby little hands so proudly holding the freshly picked dandelions just for Mom?

And which mother isn't absolutely charmed by all the whispering and the secrets that go on behind closed doors as children collaborate to prepare those special works of art that are given to Mom on Mother's Day? Popsicle flower pots, painted wooden frames, egg carton tulips will all be treasured and kept until one day, her children have long left home, and have babies of their own...

The mother pictured above is already thinking of the day when her children will no longer be with her...don't we all have a little nostalgia on a day like today when we think of our own mothers and celebrations we have had in the past?

For those of us who find Mother's Day a more painful holiday, for whatever the reason, there is nonetheless a feeling of gratitude for happier times together whether they were with mom, or with an aunt, or other person who has blessed us with love and understanding in our lives.

Whatever this special day has in store for you, may it be filled with happiness and memories to last a lifetime.

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