Three feline amigos take Christmas in stride...

Three feline amigos was first published in 2019.

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three amigos cat ornaments
Christmas ornaments on Canadian birch slices.


Tony, feline amigo on birch slice.

Tony, our first amigo, is helping his family put up the tree and is all tangled in Christmas lights. Will anyone help him get out of this mess?

Tony, tangled in Christmas lights, wood slice ornament
Christmas lights don't always belong on a tree!

Iggy, second feline amigo painted on wood slice.

Meanwhile, Iggy discovered a cup of eggnog on the table. His human family have already had a few glasses of eggnog and they have forgotten about the rum filled drink while they sing carols and decorate the tree. So Iggy has been slurping the sweet milk, and now, he is much too tired to party. Fortunately, he has found a soft cushion nearby and is ready to sleep through all the excitement of the day.

Beans and his Christmas portrait.

Finally, the third amigo, Beans, is sitting under the pseudo mistletoe, unaware that he is about to be smothered with kisses by his owner.

Second time painting two feline amigos

I painted Tony and Iggy on canvas a few years ago. Many of my clients are repeat customers. Read my new feedback page to see what clients and other artists have to say about my work and my website.

In Two Pampered Cats, Iggy is snoozing again. However, Tony isn’t about to miss any action and his big green eyes show that he is aware of everything and everyone around him. If you are a cat lover, prints are available of these two very different feline friends.

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Louise with three amigos ornaments
Louise with three amigos ornaments



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