Under the Sea Themes.

Before Covid had us staying home, we had started taking family holidays down south. During one such holiday, we snorkelled at the Puerto Morelos Reef part of a barrier reef in Mexico called the Great Western Atlantic Reef Belt or also known as The Great Mayan Reef.

Snorkeling discoveries under the sea.

The Puerto Morelos Reef was just a short boat ride from our hotel, the Royalton Riviera Cancun. Previously, hubby and I had snorkeled right off the beach at other Mexican resorts, including the Xcaret and the Sirenis, also on the Mayan Riviera. We had also snorkeled in a cenote.

Although I was disappointed with the few fish we saw on the day we went snorkeling, the younger members of the family were very thrilled with the whole experience. They saw turtles and barracudas and various other species.

That last trip as a family remains a lovely remembrance. In three years, so much changed. Children grow up, one is going to university in the fall. Holidays become more difficult to plan with all the different schedules.

Excitement of all the “firsts” has dissipated – first flight, first resort experience, first international visit, …and leaving winter behind for warm, sunny beaches for the first time.

Still, when family gets together, we often think of shared recollections of our travels south.

Under the Sea Fish.

And that brings me to my most recent painting of a Mandarin fish…

I painted this fish as a gift for a special girl who loves everything science whether it is biology, astrology, chemistry...

During the process I rediscovered wood panels and will be using them more in my art work in the future.  They are so versatile and not easily damaged like regular canvases. I also painted the sides but left a strip of wood showing. The soft grain is beautiful and I hated to cover it up entirely.


Other Sea themed art work over the years.

mermaid prop for dance show
hand painted mermaid prop as a gift for someone who loved mermaids...

I have gifted many of the art work relating to the sea.

On the left, I painted a foam board with a mermaid that was used in a dance recital. The mermaid holds a glass ball in her hand with a ballerina on the inside.

I have painted shells is sketchbooks: A Gift from the Sea. (2015) And mermaids on old deck boards (sold) : A Wild Girl from the Sea (2017).

On small canvases, I painted We've Struck Gold (2018), and Ominous Sky on Lake Superior, (2018) and This Summer Breeze (sold) in 2019.

In 2017, I painted a sea scene on a 24 x 48 canvas, the largest I have ever tackled.  It was a gift for my sister.




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  • Once again you have created a beautiful painting, far away from what you have been doing recently. I had forgotten about that surfboard, another great creation. It is always a pleasure to know that your gifted art is appreciated as much as those you have been asked to paint.

    • Like you Sally, I don’t mind experimenting to see what I might discover along the way. Thanks for stopping by!

    • It was fun to paint this gift Birgit with all the different colours and I added sparkles that don’t show up in the photo. My granddaughter was suitably impressed. Thanks Birgit.

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