Welcome everyone!

It's time to bring out the balloons and uncork the bottle of bubbly and introduce my new website!!!

A big hearty welcome to all my former blog subscribers, friends, followers, and visitors. 

I am ecstatic (can't you tell?) to be back to my usual routine of blogging which for me, happens about once or twice a week.   

While my new website was under construction, I missed all your messages in my blog comment box. 

If you live by statistics, (let me be the first to admit that some stats are more important than others!) in the past two and a half years I have received 436 comments from you, my dear subscribers! 

And here's another statistic: before closing the blog and transitioning to the website, I had over 200 subscribers from all around the world. 

You must know how happy I am to receive a nod from my subscribers, and to read your thoughts in my comment box.  

Another statistic: this is my 249th post, and it is the beginning of a whole new online look and experience for me.

If you are new to my blog, I am excited that you have joined us, and I hope you will love what you see, and subscribe to my Newsletter.

Louise Primeau ArtistLet me introduce myself: I am Louise Primeau, the artist behind Louise’s ARTiculations.

Actually, I am the purchasing officer, photographer, blogger, editor, and brushwasher, feverishly working behind the scenes to keep my creative spirit nourished, and to add new content to this website.

What’s happening at Louise’s ARTiculations

So you might be wondering, what's next? In the last month or so, my blog has been integrated into a vibrant, easy to navigate website where you are able to see more of my art in a quick to access format.  

What I do…

I experiment and create art that is sometimes uplifting and sometimes introspective.  Of course, I make lots of new discoveries along the way.  I have shared these discoveries on my blog for the past two and a half years....

My mission…

I want to inspire you to find your creative spirit that might have been abandoned or set aside long ago.  

Also, I hope that my work speaks to you through portraiture or through colours, lots of colour, and shapes, or through translucent layers and textures.

Finally, I hope my work will encourage you to access the creative side that like so many of us, was pushed aside, and to be open to new, creative possibilities.

Why sign up for my newsletter?  you will receive...
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You can sign up in three different areas on my website:

  • Look for the Newsletter Box on the home page of the website.
  • Find the subscribe button in the footer of each page.
  • Finally, you can subscribe by using the sign up form in the sidebar of each blog post page.

Or, you can sign up right now:

Yes, I would like to receive your Newsletter.

Glam Girls Give-awayWatch for my next Newsletter from the Art Room for a chance to win one of these Glam Girls painted by me.

  1. Elegant Samantha ready for an evening out (white one)
  2. Jill with pearls ready for the Christmas office party (blue one)
  3. Patty, the newest recruit ready to meet her date (pink one)

In the meantime, as a thank you for following me on my creative journey, once you subscribe, you will find a 20% discount coupon which you may use on a minimum purchase of 20 dollars, valid until December 20 for art in my online store. 

But wait!
Don’t leave yet!
Drop me a line anytime.

jar of dirty brushes

I will be happy to set my grungy, paint-filled brushes aside to read your message!

Cheers from my art room!


6 Responses

    • Thanks Christine. I couldn’t have done it myself. But I am fortunate to have found someone who loves a challenge and she had several challenges with my old blog.

      Now, it is a steep learning curve as there are new features that I must learn.

  • Congratulations Louise, it has taken some time and a lot of hard work to achieve this, I wish you much success and a lot more followers to come in the future. ?

    • Sally, you are one of my friends who has followed me all though this journey and who has left feedback on many of my posts. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the time you take to leave an encouraging note in the comment box. You make me feel like I am not alone here. Thanks a bunch! xx

    • Thanks Bobby. I had to hire someone as I would never have been able to get this all together. I wanted something that would showcase more of my art on one page. Luckily, the web designer knew exactly what I needed.

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