Hydrangeas change to rust when winter is on its way.


Dragoons, I tell you the white hydrangeas

Turn rust and go soon.

Already mid September a line of brown runs

Over them.

One sunset after another tracks the faces, the petals.

Waiting, they look over the fence for what

Way they go.


Carl Sandburg.


4 Responses

  • I love both hydrangeas and Carl Sandberg! I love to cut them and put in a vase without water for a beautiful fall bouquet!

    • There are so many different varieties and I will miss my four Limelight Hydrangeas. But I will research and perhaps add a different hydrangea in the yard in my new home. They are beautiful dried too – a memory of summer!

    • They always look so pretty once they change colour, I remember the first time I saved some cut hydrangeas from my mother in laws garden and several weeks later when I thought they had had their day I found that they had shot roots, that was the start of our many plants of hydrangeas for many years, plus sharing them with friends.

      • I also read that you can take cuttings and start new hydrangea plants that way. Unfortunately, those cuttings will never 6 months in water while waiting to be transplanted.

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