Coco, the Yorkie, custom portrait.


Coco is a petite Yorkie with a sweet disposition.  I painted her in soft colours, something a little different from the other pet portraits I have done for darker coloured dogs.

Custom pet portrait of Yorkie by Louise's ARTiculations
Coco, the Yorkie.


Behind that innocent, lovable face is a quirky little pet whose mind is always one step ahead of all the goings-on in her home.

Coco leaves love morsels for her owners

For instance, when her owners are about to leave on a trip, Coco lets them know she hopes they won’t forget her.

Her first strategy is to leave morsels of her kibble in her owners' clothes, their closet, suitcase, and wherever she thinks will be a suitable place to be fondly remembered.

Next, she finds a good hiding spot in the suitcase. After all, if her human family doesn't appreciate the "gifts", she must try a different tactic. Unfortunately for Coco, she is always discovered. Maybe one day, her owners will bring her along? She never gives up hope.

Small yet fearless

Always, fearless, Coco proves that size doesn’t matter.

For example, she runs after the biggest neighbourhood brutes. No Pit Bull will get the best of her!

But mention brushing her teeth and she is terrorized. Follow that by a walk, and she is back to her happy place.

The details of this custom portrait

Coco is painted on a gallery wrapped 5 x 5” gallery wrapped canvas. 

The colours on the side match the painting. I love these little canvases as they can be hung on the wall, but because of the thickness of the sides (1.5"), they are perfect just sitting on the mantle or on a desk. They do not need to be framed.

Custom cards of pet portrait
Custom cards made of original pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations.

I also made a matching set of custom cards in glossy stock paper to accompany the canvas. However, your pet can also be added to pillow covers, mugs, and a whole range of items.

Visit my custom pet portrait page for more information or contact me for specific requirements. Also see my other pet portraits.


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