National Cupcake Day

cherry cupcake finalI didn't know that cupcakes were so important that we would want to devote 24 hours to them. If you haven't heard by now, today is National Cupcake Day. Yes, delicious, wonderful cupcakes are being celebrated today.

I often wonder who decides that a whole day is dedicated to the appreciation of chocolates, or cupcakes, or any other sinful delight.

Really, who doesn't crave a tender, moist cupcake topped with mounds of light, heavenly, creamy icing just as we are getting tired of snow, and cold, and this year, freezing rain?

But the icing on top of the proverbial cupcake is certainly the relationship between these sweet treats and the Humane Society.


At ( you will find the explanation for this momentous day and suggestions to make it extra special. Spoil your co-workers and bring them cupcakes and pass a bucket around the office for donations to the local Humane Society.

Check their website for "bake a difference" suggestions and you will be helping to save an animal's life.

A win-win situation.

cup cake orange marmalde

Here are my two adorable puppies. Don't you just love how comfortable they both look on this cold day?

Chico, my Havanese will be 11 years old this summer. He has the sweetest disposition and he loves his soft "blankie" as long as it stays fairly close to his humans because he wants to be right in the middle of the action especially if that means food.

Sophie, my Maltese, will be 8 years old. Her only concern is staying very close to me and protecting me against anyone including hubby and Chico. She is, shall we say, slightly neurotic or is that psychotic? Anyway, she has her qualities too.

Both are very lovable lap dogs.

Sophie and Chico

When I told hubby about today's celebration, he immediately asked if I would be making cupcakes.


Don't we have cupcakes in the freezer he asked.



He should know by now that when I say making something, he shouldn't take it too literally.

I might just as well mean painting the cakes on paper, which i did this time, as anything else.

three cupcakesIf I could, I would invite you to my home on this cold, sunny afternoon, for tea and freshly baked cupcakes.

The fancy ones in this post would be on the menu, but first, I would have to finish the sixth one, a Rocky Road Caramel concoction. After painting all day yesterday, I ran out of time and energy and the Caramel cupcake is left to paint.

For some of you, it would be our first meeting in person while for others, we would have to get caught up on years and even decades of having lost sight of each other.

And then for others yet, you are still in my lives, (and I do appreciate you so much...) and we see each other on a fairly regular basis so we would just pick up where we left off at our last meeting. It would all be such fun.

For now though, enjoy these sweet little morsels without any guilt, without any calories added to your daily diet.

I hope there is one particular flavour that would appeal to you.

Which one would it be?


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