Quick journaling experiments in one hour.

When time is of the essence and art must be let out of my system, I go once more to a journal.  I am using many of the same techniques I described in this latest series of posts about making quick art.

The background is one sheet of printed paper from The Graphics Fairy which I have glued in my journal. 

To the background, I added some clear gesso to help the acrylic adhere along with a light portrait pink colour in the general shape of the face that I wanted to paint.

quick face in journal

With the Stabilo black pencil, I sketched in the shape and a few details of the face. The black water soluble pencil is still showing through in areas. No matter, this is not meant to be pretty nor is it meant to be perfect. 

Everything and anything goes!

I added colours with Neocolors II (they look like Crayola crayons from our childhood but are water soluble) and moved them around with water until I was satisfied.

Just for fun and to see "what if...", I brought out my luscious Sennelier oil pastels and added some strokes here and there of bold  colours. Finally, the hair wasn't doing much for me. I found old pink tissue paper, ripped it into pieces, and gave her a very mod look.

It was a satisfying hour of play. As mentioned in a previous post, the heat gun (or hair dryer) is essential to speed up this process.  Or, you can always walk away and do something else while the paint or the paper dries.

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