Art journals can bring us closer to our goals.

How do art journals bring us closer to our goals? They allow us to daydream, to write how we see our future selves, to plan  for the days and months ahead. More than that, an art journal, when worked in a cohesive fashion (which I never do as I am too scattered all over the place), can help sort our thoughts and keep them focused, all in one place. (originally published in January 2018.) As an example, you might use the art journal to outline a trip, to remember specific events, places, foods even.

Italy dream journal page

In this particular journal, a Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal,  I started by writing goals for the year. Sometimes, when I begin writing, my intentions become clearer. It's never too late to decide on new intentions to propel us forward.

In fact, I kind of resist setting goals at the beginning of the year because I am still carrying over some projects from the previous year. But maybe that's just me.

Besides, why wait until we change the page in a calendar to set a new goal? If the old goals are not working for us, any time is a good time to think about what is most important to us and how to achieve these important objectives.

Collage over writing.

I knew that I would be collaging over my writing and not much would show by the time the page was done. That's exactly the way I wanted it. No one needs to see my goals. A bit of my handwriting is barely visible in the bottom left-hand corner.

I have been to Italy three times: 2006, 2008, and 2010. When I saw the magazine cutout I had kept of a canal scene in Venice, I was inspired to compose a travel page of sorts.

Memorabilia and ephemera are perfect for this project.

I found old maps, airline tickets, travel pamphlets, and started glueing everything on the page..

Then I smudged brighter colours (aqua and lime green acrylics) over the lines to tie everything together in the background. Remember, it needn't be pretty. This is the type of project that will get art out of the system quickly, in about an hour.

Finally, I coated the girl and the flowers with clear gesso so that I could add my own touch of acrylic paint over paper cutouts.

Even though my writing is covered up, I remember well the three goals I had set for myself under the collaged pieces. And I satisfied myself by creating something that didn't exist before in my art journal. Another page done!

Give it a try. You only need very limited art supplies. You can even repurpose an old book rather than buy an art journal.

Please drop me a line and let me know how it went.

(Image in header by Anna Kolosyuk at

Memories in my journal.

Below are some of the memories (and goals) I have painted that help me remember in vivid detail certain people and events of my life. Some of the entries were painted in the evening while on our trip or after the event had taken place such as a family gathering for Canada Day.

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