Twist and Turn

Twisting and Turning in the breeze. Twisting and turning, these flowers are dancing in the gentle breeze. As the last flowers of summer, they proudly remain strong on their long stalks. Twist and Turn is a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) acrylic painting … Read More

We’ve Struck Gold!

Gold highlights horizon in original mini canvas.   “We’ve Struck Gold” is the title chosen by my godson and his fiancée after much deliberation. At first glance, the golden horizon is not noticeable, but hold the canvas up to the … Read More

Seeking the sweetness of summer

Seeking summer’s sweet nectar.   Delicate hummingbirds are seeking summer’s sweet nectar in this recently completed painting. Giddy with the tantalizing smells of nearby blossoms, three hummingbirds hover over bright pink flowers. They dive into the most redolent clusters, and … Read More

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