Christmas Angel

Angélique, a Christmas angel giveaway for my subscribers, was shown in an earlier post.

In the first photo below, I have lightly penciled my design onto the wood to give you an idea of her appearance once finished.

I will be adding other elements to the dress but I am not sure yet what they will be. I am creating as I go!

giveaway wooden angel for subscribers

At this stage of the project, she is rather plain. Now the fun begins!

I need to buy a few more acrylic paints in order to continue the work. I haven't tole painted in decades so this angel is making me really nervous. Even more so since I am offering her to one of my subscribers as a thank you gift.

If you are already subscribed to my blog, your name is automatically entered in the draw.

If you wish to subscribe and be eligible to win the angel, click on the red subscribe box on the right hand side and enter the required information. Quick and easy.

I would like to have her finished in a couple of weeks and then I will use an online random number generator to choose the winning subscriber. I hope this will give Angélique enough time to travel to the other side of the world should one of my two furthest subscribers win.

giveaway angel for subscribers - progress report

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