Flower fairies have a very specific list of qualities...


How to be a flower fairy:

  • Feel the cool morning grass between your toes
  • Fill old jugs with fresh flowers and place them where they can be admired all day
  • Laugh until your belly hurts
  • Look for the rainbow after the storm
  • Admire the colours of the sunset each day
  • Listen for symphonies in nature; birds in the morning, crickets at night, Canada geese flying south in the fall
  • Think poetically; this ______ (unknown or strange object) is like __________ (something common)
  • Be adventurous -let your wings carry you along
  • Face your fears and discover new wonders
  • Be open-minded and accepting
  • Smile and talk to people whose path crosses yours
  • Speak positive thoughts and bury the negative thoughts

Make the world a better place for all!

reclaimed wood painting - a flower fairy

WIP - on reclaimed cedar deck board.

This flower fairy would look great hanging on a little shed near a patch of daisies or adorning a gate leading to a vegetable garden. 

I like the image with the hair flowing up much like the mermaid I painted on reclaimed wood.  I varnish all wood pieces so that they can be placed outside to enjoy during the summer.  

What do you think?

Or should I paint full figures as in the housewarming gift?  This housewarming gift has collaged pieces on it and is more suitable indoors.  

Upcycling unwanted materials

All reclaimed wood art work were summer projects that were completed using discarded deck boards or fencing.  So much good material ends up in our waste and all we need to do is think of ways to upcycle them or pass them along to someone who has a vision for such things.

As well, a few years ago, I recycled two mirrored closet doors.  I still get compliments about the mirrored art on my fence. Each year, we add a few more panels.

Next time you go to throw out an old mirror, ceramics, wood, pottery...think about how those items could be upcycled in the hands of the right person...and then try to find that person.

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