How to be a flower fairy:

  • Feel the cool morning grass between your toes
  • Fill old jugs with fresh flowers and place them where they can be admired all day
  • Laugh until your belly hurts
  • Look for the rainbow after the storm
  • Admire the colours of the sunset each day
  • Listen for symphonies in nature; birds in the morning, crickets at night, Canada geese flying south in the fall
  • Think poetically; this ______ (unknown or strange object) is like __________ (something common)
  • Be adventurous -let your wings carry you along
  • Face your fears and discover new wonders
  • Be open-minded and accepting
  • Smile and talk to people whose path crosses yours
  • Speak positive thoughts and bury the negative thoughts

Make the world a better place for all!

reclaimed wood painting - a flower fairy

WIP - on reclaimed cedar deck board.

I like the image with the hair flowing up much like the mermaid I painted on reclaimed wood.  A wild girl from the sea painted on old deck board

What do you think?

Or should I paint full figures as in the housewarming gift?  

Reclaimed wood as a unique housewarming gift

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