"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty." Erich Fromm

palette of watercolours

What to do when it is too muggy to be outside? Easy decision...stay inside and keep cool until later in the day when the sun isn't baking hot.

I could have prepared some salads for a friend's visit, or I could have made desserts. Sure, I could have cleaned the house too. It has been neglected just a tad lately.

But I did none of these and I am sure you are not surprised.

Rather than the usual cars or faces, I wanted to paint something a little more .... loose, unpredictable.

Out came my watercolours tubes. I had an idea and much like an itch that has to be scratched right away, I really wanted to get going on this experiment.

watercolour splatters

My idea didn't involve anything electrical and that, as Martha says, is a good thing because only a few minutes into my painting, lo and behold, the power went out.

So I happily continued the experiment.

watercolour splatters

The splattering brought my inner child to the fore much like colouring has lately for so many adults.

watercolour spatters
watercolour splatters

I know you are wondering what I will do with all these splatters. The answer is... there is lots of potential for creativity!

I can cut them and collage them into my artwork, or use the cut pieces to make jewelry.

I can import them into several different apps and rework them and use them as backgrounds for my photos or paintings or illustrations.

If I really liked the pattern and wanted to experiment, I could use it as is, or modify it, and then print it on material.

I could draw right on the pattern itself with acrylic or india ink.

The possibilities are endless...

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