Surrounding yourself with friends...


Friends inspire me in different ways but mostly, the make me a better person.

My friends are very dear to me.  It is proven that a social network of trustworthy friends is beneficial to a long life.

This is no surprise. Close friends share happy moments as well as the hardships that life brings along. They laugh and cry with me.  So today, I have thought about what friends mean to me and the value of friendship.  

Wise words...surround yourself with friends

It isn’t often that I publish without any art added to the post.

At times, I just need to concentrate on finishing projects and so, this is an alternative to publishing art.

In this instance, I was thinking of the importance of friends in my life and these words struck me as worth remembering. Friends are uplifting and feed my creative soul.

What do you appreciate in your friends?


Photography in header:   thanks to @benwhitephotography at Unsplash

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