Shakespeare said it best...

"To unpathed waters, undreamed shores." 

Shakespeare had a way with words and I don't quote him often enough. 

You might think you heard enough of Shakespeare in high school English classes to last a lifetime!

In such a concise manner Shakespeare tells us that if we don't experience challenges in life, we will never make new discoveries.

Throwback Thursday mixed media mermaid

I would like to think that Shakespeare must have felt the urge to visit some of the faraway places he frequently used as settings in his plays.

In The Merchant of Venice, he writes of the business conducted on the Rialto, a bridge that still stands today and of Belmont, an area that only existed in Shakespeare’d mind but could certainly be set in the tropical Italian mountains of the north near Lago Maggiore say, where the wise Portia meets her suitors and must choose one to marry her.

Romeo and Juliet, of course, is set in Verona. Tourists can see Juliet’s golden statue (a tourist trap, I might add) in the Capulet courtyard.

Hamlet’s action takes place in Denmark and Macbeth’s gory scenes and battles, in Scotland.

Incredibly, this prolific playwright never set foot outside of England.

I often wonder why the “unpathed waters, undreamed shores” never pulled him in their direction. I suppose he was too busy earning a living writing his plays for royalty.

I might have taken the quotation out of context but there are many “unpathed waters, undreamed shores” that I hope to visit in the years to come.

This mermaid was painted last year for a Let’s Face it online class assignment.

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