Featuring guest artist, Sally Burke

This week, I have a new feature on my blog. Just as I love to promote the work of other artists on my Facebook artist page, I would also like to do the same on my blog with guest posts such as this one. Please contact me if you are interested in being featured as a guest artist. 

Sally, an Australian, and I met in 2011, in a most unusual way…on Pinterest where we both commented on the same pin. One thing led to another and we have been steadfast friends since then even though we have never met in person.  

Sally and I share many interests in common, not the least of which is our love of art. I am especially wowed by Sally’s finesse in painting flowers and exotic birds. Today’s article, A Trilogy of Birds, features some of Sally’s latest watercolour art work..

Hubby met Sally in 2016 when he checked Australia off his bucket list. It is on my own bucket list to meet Sally in Hawaii in the near future.

Here is Sally’s story…

A number of years ago I decided that I would like to paint. Nearly all my friends painted and I thought it can’t be that hard!

I started with acrylics because I figured they would be easy. I can’t say that I was ever totally happy with what I created. Mostly, I disliked having to set up and put away all the necessary supplies each day as I did not have studio space.

When we moved to Berwick (Australia) three years ago, our new house came with an extra room that I could use for whatever I wanted, be it painting or sewing, and so I thought maybe I could try watercolours.

We had been on a cruise and there was a painting class available. I started painting onboard and flowers were my first subject. From there, it just snowballed and my next project was a still life. I then attempted to paint glass and then I further tested my skills with pelicans, turtles, sky and surf.

Presently, I am painting a series of birds.

My paints of choice, due primarily to availability, have been Winsor and Newton, but in recent times, I have been ordering online and building up a supply of Daniel Smith paints. 

Gradually,  I have been decorating my new home with my flowers and birds paintings.  I enjoy experimenting and posting my work on my Facebook wall for family and friends to see.    

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    • You are most welcome Sally. Your birds are a delightful addition to the home page. Thank YOU for allowing me the privilege of sharing them on my blog. Cheers!

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