Commonly known to locals simply as The Market, the oldest market in Canada is the place to hang out on a hot, sunny day. The area dates back to 1826 when horse drawn wagons brought food to area residents. In fact, there is still an operating horse stable in the core of the market area belonging to the Cundell family.

Ottawans congregate in the Byward Market to shop for produce, to see artisans and street performers at work, or simply to enjoy a refreshing drink on one of the many outdoor patios that line the bustling area.

Stands selling fruits and vegetables, maple syrup, or flowers.

Taste the wine!

Enjoy a Beavertail. (

Sightseeing the old-fashioned way.

Make your own souvenir of the day at the bead shop.

And of course, the other option is to find a little space somewhere inconspicuous (or not) and sketch the scene at hand…

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