Axl is a most colourful Wheaten Terrier!


A Wheaten Terrier is intelligent, playful, energetic, and faithful and Axl’s portrait reflects these qualities. With his keen eyes staring at the viewer, he is demonstrating that he is very smart and is looking for your attention.  Just throw him a little treat and he will bounce around like a little puppy.  His exuberance is infectious and he will stop, tongue hanging out, to gauge the effect he has had on you.

Axl, Wheaten Terrier portrait by Louise Primeau, pet portrait artist
Axl, Wheaten Terrier

Axl.  Acrylic on 20 x 24” gallery wrapped canvas.  Sides are painted to match the front. No framing needed.


The expressionistic style of this portrait.

Whether they are cute and sassy, or regal, or complete goofballs, the pets I paint for my clients do have a look that is completely unique to each animal. Since the client knows her pet so well, I expect to have lots of suggestions as I go along.

However, now and then, I do receive what I consider to be dream assignments...

The client wrote – “Use whatever colours you like – you’re the pro.” I LOVE this! (although it made me feel a bit insecure at first).

The best way to categorize this portrait is to say that it is an impression of Axl in expressionistic style.

In other words, the portrait is not an accurate copy of the dog, While I did use the photo as a reference, I changed the angle of the face slightly so that the dog is staring directly at the viewer. In doing so, I avoided having one eye (the one closest to the camera) appear bigger than the one further away.

Then I started layering all the colours – that was the fun part!


I looked for shapes and tried to give energy to the brushstrokes and playfulness in the swirls of paint. Added brush strokes in different colours contributed to the effect I wanted to achieve.


Communication during the entire process.

Axl on a card
Axl on a card - perfect for pet lovers

As I painted Axl, I was in touch with the client as I am with all my clients through the entire process.

Emails from the client:

“This is already stunning, as I knew it would be! …Axl’s eyes are a nice velvety brown, and this ‘pose’ is perfect (and somewhat hilarious) as he often has his tongue hanging out exactly this way.”

“It looks fabulous.  The eyes are great.  It is so interesting to see how the painting is developed, layered, intricately detailed as it reaches completion, Louise.  It just gets better and better!

And as I have said, it is all up to you and your discerning eye. Your colour choices are wonderful, and seem to bring a real ‘personality’ aspect of Axl’s portrait, while he remains completely Axl.

Thank you for your care and painstaking detail with which you work.”

Louise with commissioned painted portrait
Louise with commissioned pet portrait.


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6 Responses

  • Axl’s portrait was a gift to his owners, and far exceeded my already high expectations, having viewed Louise’s previous work. Her meticulous use of colour and detail to bring out not only his appearance, but even more importantly his personality, resulted in a beautiful unique painting that was immediately considered a treasure by all of us. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, always concerned that she was delivering exactly what was anticipated. Axl’s family is privileged to now own a Louise Primeau original work of art, and anyone who has the opportunity to join our ranks will be lucky indeed.
    Many thanks, Louise!

    • Axl was a joy to paint. Thank you, Katy, for leaving these heartfelt comments about Axl’s portrait. It is always uplifting to receive such high praise from a client.

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