Bernard graduates
Bernard graduates. Photo provided by Bernard's owner.

Bernard has a gentle, loving soul.

Gentle Bernard was part of a litter of 8 puppies that were all abandoned and put up for adoption by the Humane Society (SPCA) in Hull, Quebec.

Bernard has a few quirks: he is afraid of his own shadow and will not move if he is out for a walk and there is something he doesn’t like. Traffic or wind might freeze him in his tracks or he might simply decide that he prefers another direction than the one his owner has chosen.

A quiet dog, Bernard is playful and loves the snow.

Before the pandemic, Bernard was one of the more advanced dogs in puppy class and had been training to become a therapy dog.

Everyone who meets Bernard, falls in love with him.

The details of Bernard's portrait.

Bernard, pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations.

"Bernard" on an 8 x 10 Canadian made birch painting panel. The sides are 1.5 inches and are painted in indigo to match the front.

The background features a mottled effect with various blues and greens. Bernard is painted in acrylic with impasto features (paint applied thickly) to add texture to his fur. I use professional Golden and Liquitex paints.

Foreshortening in a portrait.

In this pose, the head is given more importance while the body is made shorter than in real life. This is called ‘foreshortening”.  An optical illusion, Bernard's reference photo tricks the eye in thinking that the body is receding more than it is in reality. Bernard actually has a very long body and legs to match.

The client weighs in with her thoughts...

The painting of Bernard is so life-like, pictures don’t do it justice! I also really like the look of it as it is a “free standing” painting and doesn’t need a frame.

Although it was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my daughter, I’ll likely give it to her before too long so she can begin enjoying it.

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