"If someone says, hey, you know, this long weekend, let's go skydiving - I would say, no, are you nuts? I'd just as soon sit down and have a cup of tea."  ~ Rick Mercer, Canadian satirist.

teacup sampler in watercolours


There won't be any skydiving for me this Labour Day long weekend.  ( I have a fear of heights) And there probably won't be any tea either as the lazy hazy days of summer linger for a little while more. An ice cold beer or a margarita will quench my thirst as I enjoy a few more days by the pool.

Still, the teacups aren't too far away and ready for cooler fall weather. Rick Mercer can come and have tea anytime in my home although I suspect he is more of a beer or gin and tonic kind of guy.  http://www.rickmercer.com 

He is the kind of guest I would enjoy; he has many different adventures and interesting guests on his Canadian television program, The Mercer Report.  

He could recall his experiences tagging slumbering bears in Algonquin Park, or his flight in a CF 18 jet (give me a barf bag), or his "training" with the Ottawa tactical unit rappelling off a bridge on the Ottawa River, or his visit to a GM Canada plant assembly line where he tries caulking the hood of a car or inserting a seat into a Camaro.  

Drinking tea would indeed be pretty lame compared to all of his exciting stories.

For Throw Back Thursday, the above collage is effective to feature all the teacups I have painted to date. I still have a few of the more challenging teacups sent to me by subscribers, but I need to improve my watercolour skills to do them justice.

On the left hand side are two teacups submitted from a friend in Australia from an earlier post, Prim and proper teacups . The classic petit point at the bottom of the collage was sent to me by a childhood friend.  The accompanying text is found at Tea in a pretty cup uplifts a sagging spirit.

The July teacup on the right was also sent to me by a high school friend and is found in  Teacups of days gone by whereas the second cup on the right, an antique baby cup, had me searching the net for hours for information about the history of Alsace-Lorraine. See A rare vintage baby cup keeps its secrets for now .

My own Bailey's teacup can be seen at Prim and proper teacups and the middle teacup once belonged to my mother. I added chocolates which she loved.  See  Teacups of days gone by.

You can still have a favourite teacup painted. I will continue to accept submissions in the following months.  

And if you happen to see Rick, tell him I have a cup of tea or any other liquid refreshment ready any time he wishes to visit.  

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