Abstract techniques for snowy forest.

Using abstract techniques to paint this snowy forest while not obsessing over details is more difficult than it looks. At least, for me it is.

To achieve this style, I paint in broad loose strokes generally going from mid tones then searching for the darker areas, and finally adding all the light parts. Like most paintings, whether it is florals or pet portraits, this involves lots of backtracking to recover the lost bits and bobs as I go along. The process also includes much internal dialogue to keep the inner critic from taking over.

I know I covered up too much of the interesting colours in the branches in my landscape; however, at this point I decided it was finished.

Sometimes, it’s best to stop before going too far and ruining the painting which has happened more often than I care to admit. Fortunately, this is another acrylic painting on watercolour paper so it is easy to store in a binder along with notes to improve the next landscape.

Abstract snowy forest by Louise Primeau
Abstract snowy forest

Seeing shapes rather than painting objects.

Although this technique might appear easy, my detail oriented mind is always looking to add something more, and more isn't always better.

For this snowy forest, I looked at shapes as I layered one colour over another. There were so many shapes in these branches that I had to edit.  Much squinting was needed in examining the reference photo and then, allowing the landscape to form followed by adding my own creative elements. I have given myself the gift of grace with this one.

“Grace means that all of your mistakes now serve a purpose instead of serving shame.” - Brené Brown.

For other painted trees in another style, visit Snowbound Pine Forests painted in December 2023.

First blast of winter for 2024.

We had a green Christmas and New Year in eastern Ontario. Last year, snow storms paralyzed airports in our area. However, as we left the nation's capital on December 29 for Punta Cana, the weather here was mild hovering around zero celsius. Even though we hadn't had any snow that stayed on the ground, we were ready to enjoy the sea and the sand.

Punta Cana / Canada by Louise Primeau


Snow finally fell on January 7 and then again on January 9.

Another winter blast is expected by Friday when this post will publish.

Right brain vs left brain shovelling.
Snow shovelling - right brain vs. left brain.

We were quite happy not to have to shovel our car out of the airport parking lot on our arrival on January 6. That was definitely a bonus.

Still, the transition from a tropical climate to a bitterly cold windy day was harsh on Sunday when we brought our dog out for a walk.

Then we spent a bit of time shovelling the fresh fallen snow, good exercise after a lazy week on the beach.


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