The sky grew darker painted blue on blue one stroke at a time into deeper and deeper shades of night.  - Haruki Mukarami.

Deepest shades hide many colours


Deeper Shades of Night 1
First in set of three, Deeper Shades of Night, in Canadian Vignettes Series. (SOLD)

See how the moon illuminates the shore? Even the clouds are brighter as they are kissed by light.


Deeper Shades of Night 2
Second in set of three in set titled Deeper Shades of Night, in Canadian Vignettes Series (SOLD)

In the distance, fog envelops the mountains as night deepens. The colours in the field are still visible through in a blurry haze. Look up to the sky where similar colours are on display as Mother Nature dazzles her admirers with a late August light show of her own, aurora borealis.


Deeper Shades of Night 3
Third in set titled Deeper Shades of Night, part of the ongoing series Canadian Vignettes. (SOLD)

The silence of the night settles in. The sky becomes more mottled, more subdued in colour. And as aurora borealis fades away, the waves on the shore and the wild flowers in the fields brighten once more under the moonlight.

It is Nature's last contented sigh before deep sleep.

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Sold Deeper Shades of Night


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