Maria Laura Vila: Painting to relax.


Dali and Gala by Maria Laura Vila, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Dali and Gala

As a child I always enjoyed painting and drawing, but it was just something that I did from time to time. It wasn’t an important part of my life until 2000. During that year, I started painting again,  and it became my biggest hobby and a way of relaxing from my job on a daily basis. Looking back, I know that this was an important year of self-discovery in my artistic journey.

To begin, I painted faces of people found in magazines. Later, I worked on a series titled “Famous Couples from Then and Forever ”. As the title suggests, the paintings feature well-known lovers such as Frida Khalo and Diego Rivera, Salvador Dali and his wife Gala, and others.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Vincent Van Gogh has inspired me to use vibrant colours. In Buenos Aires, where I live, I participated in art exhibits and have shown my art in small galleries in my neighbourhood. My Famous Couples were part of this exhibit. It was great encouragement and support for me and my future as an artist.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to travel and be inspired by beautiful places I visited.

“SHE IS TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD” is a series of whimsical ladies. They feature long necks and colourful scarves based on cities I visited during my trips. The portraits are now part of my identity as an artist.

This series started as a way of preserving these beautiful locations I visited around the world. As well, the paintings bring to mind memories associated with specific places. However, I must admit that I am now also including some places that I would like to visit in the future, or places that people have asked me to paint. All this through my Ladies’ point of view.

Recycling is important for Maria Laura Vila.

I have tried new materials such as markers, black glue, acrylics, and white markers for different details. I loved them all!

Most importantly, the main material in this story is the use of cardboard as my new canvas. I think that painting on recycled cardboard is an effective way of reusing everyday, disposable items to create new treasures. In doing so, we are preserving our natural resources and also caring for the planet.

New projects.

I am working on a variety of projects that includes mugs for sale with the picture of two of my Ladies on each one.

Added to the mugs will be a series of limited edition prints, with new images. Later this year, I will add a collection of t-shirts with some of my Ladies printed on the front.

Trying new materials such as wool, and crayons in new Ladies is another one of my projects.

But first, my main goal is that people all around the world can enjoy my paintings, and to bring a moment of beauty and good vibes each time they are in front of my pictures or print.

Besides painting, I enjoy the company of my husband, my daughter, and my lovely cat here in Argentina.

You are invited to follow or to contact me at my Instagram account  @marialauraarte

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