Originally published in June 2015, this post was one of my first as I started my new adventure blogging about my creative journey.  For this TBT (Throwback Thursday) I added photos of  favourite flowers that are still blooming as we celebrate summer’s arrival.

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul. ~ Luther Burbank

Ahhh, early summer. Those divine days that promise warmth, new vistas to discover, long summer nights by a wood fire, the sounds of water gurgling on a pebbly beach....

But I don’t have to leave home to enjoy a summer’s day. Here in the city, my yard is a sanctuary. I find pleasure in the pink roses growing so profusely this year on my Grootendorst bushes, my peonies are finally in full glorious bloom, and there is the promise of more to come with my hydrangeas and astilbes.

These flowers in my front yard are so cheerful that I just had to paint them in my sketchbook.  I sat on my front porch and used my Sakura Koi travel watercolour set and then outlined the painting with a Micron pen.  A quick sketch like this one satisfies the urge to get creative on a day where time is very limited.  I am wishing you, my dear friends, a happy sunshine filled summer.

Which flowers make you happy?  Do they grow in your garden?

Please submit a comment in the Leave a Reply box below. I appreciate all your feedback. Visit my blog for art work featuring flowers. This is my new adventure (of many) as I continue my creative explorations.

May your soul be replenished with the colours of nature’s beauty and bounty.


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  • Ah, comme tu as raison, Louise. L’été débute, avec sa chaleur tant attendue et ses beautés florales. Une artiste comme toi sait bien observer les beautés de la nature et les reproduire pour garnir notre décor intérieur, et fleurir les maisons pour les saisons moins clémentes. Quel beau talent tu as . Bravo. Je te souhaite de tout cœur un bel été.
    Marie xo

    • J’ai l’impression qu’on ne verra pas beaucoup le soleil…il pleut à chaque deux jours mais c’est bien pour notre jardin!

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