Wood slice pet portrait commission - a unique gift.

Patches the cat photographed by the owner
Patches is secretly grumbling at having his photo taken by the client.

So many of us share our lives with a furry companion - how can we not think of them from time to time?

And if you aren't lucky enough to have a pet in your life, you can appreciate the bond between a pet and its owner.

You might wonder what a friend or relative who is an animal lover might like to receive as a special gift.

Certainly, you can find bowls, biscuits, and blankets at big box stores and specialty pet stores.

However, if you want the gift to be truly memorable, then you might consider having a custom pet portrait done on any number of materials including paper, fabric, wood, or canvas.

Painted on  approx. 3" Canadian birch slices from northern Ontario, Patches is ready for the client along with two other wood slices I am presently finishing.

Ways to give pet portraits on wood slices.

Wood slice artwork can be attached or added to…

Patches painted by pet portrait artist, Louise's ARTiculations
Wood slice portrait of Patches. The client asked that the background be left natural.

…a cellophane bag or basket of cat or dog treats

…the collar of a plush toy as a cheerful gift for a child who is away and misses her beloved pet (or a senior who can no longer keep the pet)

…a memento box of a cherished furry companion that has passed on

…a jar of treats kept in view with other pet necessities.

Pet portraits on wood slices make great gifts on their own.

They can be left out all year long or displayed on a Christmas tree along with all the pets the family has welcomed in their home over time.

I am presently accepting commissions for May. Contact me here or visit my Pet Portraits page to see pet portraits on canvas. Also see more pet portraits on wood slices here.

Of course, I can customize a portrait in many ways.

For example, I recently painted Cheddar and Azara to be printed on cushions and displayed in the client’s family room. What conversation pieces they will be!

Finally, pet portraits on wood slices can be mailed quite easily, so even if your friend lives far away, you can surprise her with this unique gift!

A pet portrait is a gift that will long be remembered.

photo by Julia Caesar at Unsplash
photo by Julia Caesar at Unsplash.

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