Jane Cobb found art during difficult times.

My passion for art began as an expression of myself during a painful time. I was in my 40’s and unexpectedly came down with Bell’s palsy, a temporary illness that results in partial facial paralysis.

At that time since I couldn’t communicate what I wanted with my face, I turned to painting and creating masks. This opened up a whole new world and brought me little bursts of happiness in a time that otherwise was very frightening and depressing.

Thankfully, my Bell’s palsy is long gone. My love affair with art however, has gotten stronger and continues to bring me joy.


New challenges in artistic journey.

My current art quest is to learn to paint looser.  It’s kind of funny — in my first few years of delving into painting, I focused on trying to achieve a certain accuracy.  And now as I continue to develop my artistic style, I’m aiming to loosen up, allow myself to be more playful.

The artists who inspire me cover a wide swath — everyone from Matisse to Frida Kahlo, to Egon Schiele, to Richard Diebenkorn and others.

Present day artists who have an impact on me include Maira Kalman, Natalie Goldberg, Maru Godas, and Joan Fullerton.

With many of my favorite artists you can tell they were having fun while they painted.  I aspire to have as much fun as possible while creating art — and not get caught up in “Will other people like this?”

Many artistic pursuits.

To be honest, I’m still in the process of finding my artistic voice.  I’m okay with that. I love trying new things, letting myself be led by a fair amount of spontaneity and serendipity.  Trying new mediums is fun.

When a new day starts I often don’t know yet what I’m going to paint or with which medium.  Presently, I’m enjoying painting with gouache and learning as much as I can about it.

In early June I’ll be attending an abstract acrylics workshop. I’m also tempted to learn about digital painting with the iPad.  Maybe digital painting will have to wait for now, but it’s good to know that the possibilities for creating art are endless!

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