Monica Skowbo: A craft-filled childhood

Bear quilt by Monica Skowbo at Louise's ARTiculations
Bear Quilt by Monica Skowbo

As far back as I can remember I have had some type of needlework or paper craft or digital scrapping or sewing project going, often several at once!

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was very young, and from that point on, I taught myself every art and craft I was interested in.

When my 7th grade art teacher told me that I had no art talent, I absolutely believed her! I continued sewing and quilting, even beginning to make small wall art, because in my mind, that wasn’t “art”.

Later, when children came along, I made toys and games for them.

Journaling discovered later in life

After the children left home, I started looking for activities to fill my time and heard about art journaling. That was just gluing and doodling and playing with markers! I soaked up YouTube videos by Teesha Moore and a young Tam Laporte, and I was instantly hooked on paint and collage.

I became interested in travel journals and wanted to learn sketching. My local art center offered a “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” class and assured me that anyone can learn to draw. I enrolled and found out that maybe I could, indeed, make art of a sort.

My room full of fabric and thread slowly gave way to another type of supply. And I do mean a room full of fabric. I have always been the “all or nothing” type! I found myself giving away quilting supplies so I could gather art supplies. I could probably open a store with the art supplies that I have accumulated since that time!

The only drawback to my compulsion to “do it all” is finding and perfecting my own style.

Mixed media is my niche

Fortunately, art journaling allowed me to try many techniques. Although watercolor is a meditative practice for me, mixed media is really my niche.

I love my Gelli plate and the serendipity found there. With the Gelli plate, I can make my own original collage papers. Almost every piece that I create has hidden symbolism within it.

My style is definitely grungy, and tissue paper is a favorite art product! I paint faces and I am astounded at how different they can be while still being recognizable. Nature and the high desert of the Southwest where I have spent most of my life also inspire me in my art.

In one series, I watercolored animals on tissue paper over collage. Occasionally, I add to that series. Family members liked the series so much that they insisted that I make a calendar of some of those animals.

Monica Skowbo on Instagram: art challenges accepted!

A few years ago, I discovered Instagram (@mskowbo) and found that I like to do various art challenges, and post the results there. For example, my 100 days of birds from 2018 is on Instagram. That series is mostly watercolor with some mixed media and includes a representation of all of the state birds.

Currently, I am participating in Daisy Yellow’s ICAD 2019 challenge where I am trying to follow the prompts while only doing faces in mixed media on a 3 x 5 index card!

I don’t typically post much of my work and I don’t sell my work in a public forum. However, I have sold to private requests.

New technique or challenges intrigue me, and as you surely know by now,  I have a drive to be creating!

What new techniques or challenges are of interest to you?


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