Suzanne Munroe: creative all my life

Suzanne Munroe, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculationsI have always been involved in creating some sort of art, but only in the past 4 years have I really challenged and pushed myself towards earning the title of ARTIST.

With no formal art training, I am so grateful for the local artists who offer classes. Also, I am thankful for interest groups and classes online, and for the opportunity to participate in local guilds and groups.

They all help push me to new levels all the time!

Art works in transition

Currently I am working towards merging my love of painting and digital art with my love of quilting. Most especially, I enjoy creating art quilts that feature portraitures.

I’ve experimented lots of mediums, and love them all. I go back and forth between acrylic paintings, digital painting, and textiles. I never get bored that’s for sure!

Inspiration linked to emotional connection

The inspiration for my work usually comes from a photo of a person that captures, to me, a strong emotion that evokes a feeling or memory. I have to be attached to what I am creating in an emotional way to really be invested in working on a piece.

I favor drawing portraits in my work, although I’ve started to incorporate full figures, and backgrounds! Another learning curve!

I rarely end up with the beginning sketch I had in mind. I love the process of creating in the moment - much more satisfying to me than even the end result.

As I create I listen to what the piece is telling me. Yes, I will admit that I will often talk to my work.  At that moment it is real and alive. That’s what stirs excitement in me to push forward.

It is always an added delight if the viewer seeing my piece has a strong emotional reaction or connection, and takes a moment to lean in and see more!

Art quilt by Suzanne Munroe, featured artist at Louise's ARTiculations

Suzanne Munroe's memberships and exhibitions

I am a member of Studio Art Quilt Associates, Art league Rhode Island, Rhode Island Threads, and Quilters by the Sea.

I have exhibited my work in local Galleries and Art Museums here in RI, such as the Bristol Art Museum, HeARTspot Art Center & Gallery, East Bay Chamber of Commerce Art Night, and local libraries.

Moreover, my works have been shown at the New England Quilt Museum, Brush Art Gallery, and The Whistler House Museum of Art, in Lowell MA.

Where to reach Suzanne Munroe

If you would like to see more of my work, or if you would like to contact me, you may reach me here:


Please contact me if you would like to appear as a guest artist or creative and share your work with my readers.


Artfully yours!


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