For many years Tamara Mulkey's inner critic got the best of her…but no more!


Like so many of the artists who have appeared on Louise’s website, art was rediscovered later in life, when an appreciation for its soothing benefits allowed me to create again.

I am married with one daughter, who is my finest artistic collaboration. Thirty years ago I received an Associate Degree in Graphic Design, but I never did go into the business. Depression and anxiety issues have haunted me for at least 25 years.

Thirty years without art

School took something I loved to do and warped it. I was burnt out after my formal education ended. It was the late 80’s and a job opened at a local record store and that led to my path in retail work. That was followed by marriage and motherhood. Once I was married, I didn’t have time to make art again. I put that part of my life away. My mother pleaded with me to just try to be creative once more. My inner critic wouldn’t let me. She never lived to see what I now do.

In 2017, I was facing the winter months with dread and gifted myself an online course by artist, Tamara Laporte for Christmas. I believed I had lost my ability to draw and create. Though my skills were rusty, I soon found out I hadn’t. I have been creating ever since.

Tamara’s artistic influences

As for influences, I have loved Alphonse Mucha since I was a child when I saw wallpaper with his art in the local hair salon. The model’s beauty, the line work and the way he blended both captured my imagination. As an adult, Gustav Klimt and John William Waterhouse have been added as influences. Waterhouse played to my romantic heart with his colors and subjects whereas with Klimt, it was his use of gold in his paintings.

I love the freedom of mixed media; it has helped free my imagination and allowed me to bring my pieces to life. When I paint a portrait, I love adding the reflected light in the eye and seeing the portrait come alive.

Every artist needs a great support system

Friends and family are a huge support system with my work. They have created commission opportunities for me and shared my work on social media. I really have no desire, due to health issues, to create a business at this time. I am happy creating for myself and for others. If that is all I do with the rest of my life…it will be a good one. I think my mom is looking on me with pride.

Find Tamara on these social media sites

Please join me on Facebook - I try my best to post current work. At the moment, I am building a board on Pinterest featuring my work. If you are on Instagram, I would be happy to see you there.

I am not presently  accepting commissions as I have work and online courses that are filling up my time through the holidays and into the new year.





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  • Well, well, Tamara, you certainly hid yourself under a huge bushel, and how pleased everyone is that you have now come out and shown us your amazing work!! I liked your comment that you are happy to create for yourself and others without having to commit to commissions and sales. Sometimes that can totally take the enjoyment out of what you love doing. I will certainly check you out on Instagram. Thank you Louise for introducing us to another of your brilliant finds

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