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Ontario beauty by Jennifer Sloan, guest at Louise's ARTiculationsPlease join me, Jennifer Sloan from Ottawa, Ontario, on a short trip off the beaten path as I tell you a little bit about myself and my creative journey.

Promoting travel during a pandemic.

In 2020 I designed an Instagram page to promote my new business. I curate one day, surprise road trips that explore the Ottawa area. With most everyone unable to travel because of the pandemic, and with mental health a struggle for so many, I was looking for a way to inspire people to get out and discover the many beautiful places that exist so close to home.

National Capital Area’s hidden gems

I’m very passionate about sharing these gorgeous landscapes, spectacular vistas and hidden gems that are so abundant in and around the nation’s capital. I really want others to be able to see what I have seen and feel that same sense of wonder and awe, and I try to capture these emotions in my photographs. You’ll often find me on the trails, taking the road less travelled and getting pretty excited when I stumble upon that picture perfect moment.

Jennifer Sloan - photography from interesting perspectives.

By no means do I consider myself a photographer, and am really just taking the first step on this whole creative process. I use my Iphone to capture all of my images, do a little editing using the Lightroom app, and I am on my own path to better understand photography and editing.

I love getting up early in the morning and heading out when everyone else is still asleep, being that first canoe in the water or reaching the summit of the mountain before anyone else. It’s amazing what you can see and hear when the world is still. The perfect photo for me involves a few wispy clouds floating by in an otherwise blue sky. I look for lots of texture in the rocks, leaves, waves, buildings or whatever I’m taking a picture of and I try to take my pictures from some interesting perspectives. I strive for a dreamy and airy feel to my work. All of my photos contain most of these elements.

Northern Ontario and Group of Seven influence.

The iconic Group of Seven has had a strong influence on me. Growing up in Northern Ontario, surrounded by rugged landscapes and lush forests and having my very own living and breathing Group of Seven painting right outside my window, has kept me fascinated in their work and their history. I have even travelled to a few of the sites that were featured in their pieces. Alex Janvier, a Canadian First Nations artist, uses intricate lines and vivid colours in his painting and each one tells a story. I can only hope that my images might lead others to some pretty unique venues  and inspire them to add a page to their own storybooks.

I am a firm believer that it is as much about the journey as it is the destination. Finally, one of my best friends, Melanie Courchesne, from North Bay, Ontario, is another Canadian artist I admire greatly. She paints works of art that look like photographs on canvas. Detailed, realistic, and representing moments caught in time.

I feel very blessed to be included as a guest amongst all of these talented creatives and would love it if you took a moment to share your journey with me.

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