Model quits on photographer for Welcome Fall Banner.

Photoshoot gone wrong!  Model AWOL.

This fall, I wanted to paint a banner for our new home. The banner needed to be seen from the street. As a result, I painted big, bold flowers over a fluorescent pumpkin. Then I tried to take cutesy photos of my puppy Rosie next to the banner.

You can judge for yourself whether she is model material.

Honestly, I don’t know how puppy parents manage to get adorable photos of their pooches on Instagram.

The most chichi pooches this season are wearing froufrou frocks and sunglasses, or bowler hats and ties while sitting prim and proper next to attention-grabbing props.

Gone are the plastic chew toys. These dogs pose next to Mercedes Benz cars or yachts! Their props might also be a glass of cognac or some dainty pastel macaron. No rubber hot dog for these high class puppers!

My Rosie wanted to rip out the sweet orange bow I added to her little (very little) topknot. Then she chewed on a leaf, the first and only leaf that had fallen off our tree this season. Yep, she found it!  When that was done, she was looking to escape the 20 second session and she called the photoshoot over and out!

All is not lost...when it comes to Rosie!

Rosie can pose for a very quick photoshoot.

A simple little girl, she is happy with her comfy bed as her prop. Wave a little doggie biscuit in front of her and you might have her interest for a few more seconds.

If you wonder what breed of dog she might be - she is a Biewer (this is a question I am so often asked when I go walking with her). People will guess she is a Yorkie, and although she shares some of the Yorkie characteristics, Biewers have been genetically tested and shown to be a breed apart from Yorkies. I always love the puzzled look when I tell people she is a Biewer (pronounced BEEVAH). Very few know this just recently recognised AKC breed.

Biewers are not recognised by CKC yet.


Cedar deck boards part of my art portfolio.

Aged, reclaimed cedar boards have been in my portfolio ever since son #2 salvaged them from the trash a few years ago.

Some have sold and others were gifts for relatives. A few examples include the Blue Footed Booby of Galapagos Island. But I have also used cedar deck board to make a leash holder, and for a housewarming gift. Or how about Stout commissioned from one friend to another as a memorial gift for a much beloved pet?

The background of natural aged wood is particularly well-suited to painting pets on cedar.

You are invited to visit my portfolio to see more pet portraits. I also have many testimonials as well as various price points for all budgets.

Contact me to reserve your spot for a very special pet portrait this Christmas!

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  • Your pup is so cute and I love your dog paintings and the repurposed wood pieces!! I took down a cedar fence this year, I might have to try a little painting on some boards myself. (I say that but I probably won’t. I have a long list of things I ‘should’ do. LOL!) Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and kindness! Have a beautiful Sunday!

    • Try it Darla. I think you would enjoy it. Let me know if you have any questions about painting on the cedar fence boards.And do send photos should you attempt it. You can also glue mirror to those boards and create lovely art work that way too. I have a post on this website about that as well. Enjoy the week ahead!

  • You’ve painted a beautiful “Welcome Fall” banner, despite an unruly model not focusing for the photoshoot, haha. And your cedar deck board paintings also look wonderful, Louise 🙂

    • Thanks Phil. It was a way to use up some of the reclaimed wood I have stacked in the basement. My model needs some training! ??

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