French Bulldog portrait commissioned for a friend.

French Bulldog on reclaimed fence board by Louise's ARTiculations
French Bulldog Stout.


(Stout, the French Bulldog was first published in 2020.)

When a pet dies, other pet owners and close friends know how painful it is to lose a little critter. Dogs and cats live with us and know our moods and our habits.

If you have owned a pet, you know that they have that inner clock that tells them when it is time to eat, to go to bed...They comfort us when we are sad and share our joys.

Is there anything happier than a dog greeting his people when they return after a short absence? I don't think so!

There are many ways we can remember a pet.  Artists are often asked to memorialise a furry companion. For example, Mildred is a pet portrait commission I recently painted to commemorate another family pet.

Stout, the French Bulldog, is painted on a section of recycled cedar fence board that has aged to a natural brown/grey.

“Stout, a French Bulldog, was Amy’s sidekick and never left her side. He lived to be 12 which is old for the breed. Stout had an amazing spirit and always seemed to bounce back from his medical issues. He truly loved Amy and I think he lived longer because he knew she needed him. Stout went on road trips with her everywhere and he was full of adventure.”  (Amy's friend who commissioned the portrait).

The breed's characteristics.

There is much to love about this breed.

First, Frenchies as they are called, are excellent companions especially for city dwellers. They are alert watchdogs (how could they not be with those typically large ears?) although they aren’t usually yappy dogs. They don’t require much exercise and are happy in any family environment including families with other pets. Generally, French Bulldogs are well known as friendly charmers.

I received this email from my client:

Louise, Stout’s picture is even more beautiful in person!!! Thank you so so much!! You really captured him in the picture. Thank you! She is going to love it!


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