The Spotlight is on the Blue Footed Booby of Galapagos!


Galapagos Booby. Is this the profile shot you wanted?
Is this the profile shot you wanted?

Let me introduce you to a very special bird…the Blue-Footed Booby of the Galapagos Island.

Were it not for my sister’s recent visit to the Galapagos, I would not have been so curious about this bird. (Previously published in 2020). 

Blue-Footed Booby decline - the bad news

Like many other species on the planet, Booby numbers are declining because of plastics in the ocean. Furthermore, global warming makes the sardines they eat, scarce. That in turn, has an impact on Boobies because they do not reproduce when their food is scarce.

The importance of big blue feet - the bigger the better!

Although the blue-feet are a defining characteristic of this lovely bird, the feet have a much greater importance than just aesthetics. Scientists believe that the bigger and brighter feet indicate a prime partner for reproduction. So the bigger the feet, the more sought after the male will be!

The Booby earned its Spanish name ‘bobo” because of the clownish way it moves on land.

To view videos of these birds courting, and see a photo gallery of Blue Footed Boobies visit

Blue Footed Boobies. He went thataway.
He went that-a-way.

Blue Footed Booby
Blue Footed Booby of Galapagos painted by Louise Primeau.

Art on reclaimed cedar deck boards

This Booby is painted with acrylics on a reclaimed 12" piece of cedar deck board.  I kept the background natural.

I have painted on cedar deck board several other times.

For instance, this mermaid with her flowing hair, and sea horse and shell was sold to a client who wanted the mermaid for her bathroom.

In addition, I painted a housewarming gift on cedar deck board for my son when he and his family moved into a new home in the country. I even reproduced their home on the deck board.

In Her Protective Arms, as an example, shows a young woman sheltering a puppy. And with Blossoms that live after summer has gone, I painted a flower fairy.

Pet portraits on reclaimed wood

Finally, I also painted dogs (why not?) on reclaimed deck board.  Jake and Digby are in homes where they are appreciated and make good conversation starters.


Here is Bob, the Booby in his new home.


Cedar board hanging in kitchen.
Original art hanging in kitchen. Memories of Galapagos.


All photos of Booby birds in this post are copyright free and are found on Pixabay.  My art work is mine and is NOT copyright-free.



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    • Thanks Graham. This was my sister’s trip. I did a few quick sketches while we were in Hawaii in the fall but I never published them here on WordPress. If you wish, you can see them on Instagram. They are nothing like your complex but oh so beautiful watercolours! Cheers from Ottawa…where it is brrrrrrr……cold!

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