Reclaimed wood art with a message: Protect vulnerable creatures.

"My heart weeps when I see abuse or cruelty to any animal". ~ Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine Pattern.

"In her protective arms" is a third reclaimed wood art piece.

Painted in 2017, this protectress with a Golden puppy in her arms, is a mixed media item that is for sale at CAD $65.00 and is ready for pickup (with a discount) or to be mailed out.  Contact me for further information. See recently sold Wild girl from the sea.

Reclaimed wood art - Golden girl

"In her protective arms" is acrylic painted on a reclaimed cedar decking plank. Measuring approximately 4.5" X 24", this young woman is quite relieved to have found her puppy who wandered off behind the bushes (see painted heart above) not far down the road.  $65.00 payable by cash or etransfer. 

Collaged flowers were added near the hem of her dress and embellished with painted greenery.

The wood is naturally weathered and is ready to hang, preferably indoors where it will not be subjected to extreme weather conditions. It has been given a few coat of varnish for protection against dust.

collage on reclaimed wood
"in her protective arms" art on reclaimed wood

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