The rain in Spain results in…

  • a change of plans
  • time to relax and enjoy the surroundings
  • quiet moments for sketching!

Yes, we had to adjust our sails and delay our sightseeing plans.

“She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her way, she adjusted her sails.” Elizabeth Edwards.

Today’s Throw Back Thursday isn’t going back very far in time…exactly one year ago, we were in Spain. Last year, after a few days of intensive long distance walking, we were quite happy for a couple of days of rest as the rain pelted the coast. We put up our feet and healed our blisters. I sketched people in the lobby while my travel companions read or checked their emails. Here are some of the quick sketches I completed on the spot, or later, as the sun set, and we had our glasses of wine on the balcony overlooking the sea.

on the spot watercolour sketch in hotel lounge

Not long after we arrived in Spain, we had two days of bad weather. All four of us accepted that there would be no long walks on the Paseo Maritimo in Torremolinos, no exploring other than to find new restaurants for our meals. The intense rain and wind put a stop to our sightseeing plans.

The rain and wind abated around lunch time and we ran across the road to La Cabaña for paella and sangria, and then took a few photos of the rough waves before heading back to the lounge.

Because we were still jet lagged, we were grateful for the imposed change of pace.

on the spot - watercolour sketches - in the lounge
on the spot sketch - at the bar

While others passed the time reading, or playing games on their tablets, I practised quick, surreptitious sketches.

People came and went at the bar or in the lounge. Everyone was seeking a meeting place out of the rain.

I had many different scenarios to choose from. Some hotel guests were texting, others were chatting with family and friends, some sleeping… and generally, people didn’t move too much so I was able to rapidly sketch their positions on paper and then add touches of watercolour on the spot.

The hours passed surprisingly quickly, and soon, the sun returned.

journal page - Malaga
Picasso journal page in travel sketchbook

Even before leaving Canada, I had convinced myself that I would have time to sit and sketch.

To that end, I carefully selected pens, pencils and travel watercolour set. I worried about the extra weight the contents of the zippered pouch would add to my carry-on bag so in the days before our trip, I sorted, and reorganized that container many times.

I needn't have worried.

Except for those two days of rain, daily sketching didn't happen. In fact, the Malaga pages were completed once I returned home.

We were on the go and when, at the end of the day, very late at night, we found ourselves back in our rooms, I was just too tired to even think about sketching and painting. It was time to socialize!

I adjusted my sails.

Picasso journal page 2
quick sketches scenes from Malaga courtyards

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  • Am loving your journey again re this blog, your sketches are great, what a brilliant interpreter you are.

  • I was talking to my artist friends today about this, sketching whilst on holidays, for me I prefer to take photos, one friend like you, likes to try and get in some sketching, the other just likes to relax…. each to their own

    • I didn’t see anyone else sketching in the lounge on those two rainy days. Most people had some sort of electronic device to occupy their time whereas I was using pencil and paper.

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