Finn and Reuben…reluctant siblings

Finn and Reuben behave like most siblings. Although they frequently annoy each other, they secretly enjoy each other’s company.

Finn - custom pet portrait on wood slice
Custom pet portrait on wood slice - Finn

Finn’s story

Finn was on the euthanasia list at the animal shelter in California when his owner fell in love with him and brought him to his permanent home in Vancouver, BC. At that time, he was an anxious puppy of only 6 months old.

Reuben at 6 months old
Reuben at 6 months old at the shelter waiting to be euthanized.


Four years later, he is, according to his owner, “an incredibly loving pup”.

Reuben’s story

custom pet portrait on wood slice - Reuben
Custom pet portrait on wood slice - Reuben


Custom pet portrait painted on wood slice - Reuben
Regal Reuben


Reuben started life as Ruby until his owner realized that she was a he and subsequently, gave him his dignified boy name, which suits him extremely well. In my custom portrait, he is superbly dapper in his new bowtie, waiting for Santa by the tree.

Reuben has been with his human family since he was 8 weeks old.

Like most siblings, Reuben is not always happy having to share a spot of sunshine or affection with Finn.

His owner says that she once found a cat claw embedded in Finn’s nose! Reuben the "aristocat", is not about to give up his privileged status in the family to a lowly pooch!

Still, in this photo, they seem quite content to share a patch of warmth on a cozy rug.

Friends - Reuben and Finn
Friends - Reuben and Finn


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