This week, Tom LaBadia, from Florida, USA, describes his recent focus on painting portraits.

I was attracted to Tom's style when I saw one of his first portraits of a bearded male. In no time, I was searching specifically for Tom's work in our Facebook group, Let's Face It.

Tom's art exudes strength and sensitivity. He accentuates the bold angles of the male figure while suggesting a softness from the palette selected for each portrait. His work is captivating. 

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Thank you, Tom, for being a guest on my blog.


I promote the work of artists on my Facebook artist page, and I do the same on my blog with guest posts such as this one. Tom is my seventh guest artist this year.

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Creative activities: a lifelong pursuit

Creativity has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I am an art director, a self-taught graphic designer, and most recently, a mixed media artist.

When I was a child, I used to play the piano, but when I wasn't making music I was either drawing or painting.

As an introverted only child, I was accustomed to spending long periods of time entertaining myself with a variety of creative activities.

Returning to traditional methods of painting

Tom Labadia's portraitsAlthough not nearly as introverted as an adult, I can't say things have changed all that much. The perfect day for me is one spent alone, surrounded by art supplies. I have an abundance of ideas that seem to be swimming around in my head almost constantly.

Although I am very grateful that my career is also my passion, a few years ago, I decided I wanted to step out of the digital realm and work more with my hands.

Sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours, then spending all my free time creating digital art was fun for a while. Eventually, I felt like I wanted to pursue more traditional methods. Unexpectedly, working this way has influenced my professional work, an added bonus.


Rethinking my creative journey

I struggle, as a creative person, with being visually stimulated by almost everything.

While having a lot of ideas can be a blessing, it can also get in the way when you are not able to maintain a clear focus.

Tom Labadia's portraits

When I first re-introduced drawing and painting into my routine, I was completely intoxicated by the wide variety of classes, art supplies and techniques available. I would hop from one thing to another, never truly mastering anything, and I was often frustrated by my lack of growth.

Mastering any skill requires hours and hours of practice, the ability to accept that not everything will be amazing or even good. Most importantly, it entails the ability to stay focused on one goal.

Exclusively focused on portraits

Last year I decided that it was time to focus exclusively on portraits. Prior to learning how to draw and paint portraits, I would often include images of people in my mixed media work by using image transfers and collage.

Tom Labadia's portraits

Faces have appeared in my work consistently and I wanted to be able to draw and paint them. I still work in a variety of mediums; however, I have really narrowed down my focus to this one subject.

I find the whole process quite challenging, but I have learned that this is what I love most about creating. There is always so much to learn and experience. Even the paintings that do not turn out as well as expected still have value and teach me something.

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When I am not designing, drawing or painting, I am most likely spending time with my two dogs or working on my blog.

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5 Responses

  • Loved Thomas’s work from the first piece I saw of his. I don’t think I have seen any women he has done and would be interested. I can see the influence of graphic design in The precision of his lines and color blocks and enjoy it very much. Glad to get to know more about him. Thank you Louise for this piece.

    • Thanks Lynn for leaving a comment. I let the guest artist decide on the pieces they wish to have featured. Thomas will be able to answer you as to whether he has painted women this year. I have fallen behind in my lessons in the class to which we both belong, and have not always been following the work of others. Cheers!

    • Thank you Lynn – I did do one (link below), although I was not really happy with the result. I am mostly focusing on men with beards for now. I have an idea for a series, although my skills do not ‘match’ what I want to accomplish so I am trying to stay with that theme for now so I can grow my skills and hopefully be able to accomplish my goal. I can so easily go off on a tangent 🙂

  • Louise, thank you so much for featuring me and for sharing my work on your wonderful blog! I really appreciate it.

    • No need to thank me Thomas. It was my pleasure to share your fabulous art and the story of how you changed your creative goals.
      Your story is an inspiration for artists who want to improve their technique. Cheers!

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