“We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”
– Albert Schweitzer

I am thankful for....

....all my friends and my readers who have encouraged me by commenting on my blog, by sharing it with others either on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, and by subscribing so that each week, my post is automatically sent to your email inbox. I appreciate all the comments, questions, and positive feedback I have received.

Setting up this blog was a goal of mine for 2015 and you have helped me in the pursuit of my dream of being an artist and a blogger. I am grateful to you for that.

During one of my walks last week, I searched for beautiful fall leaves to paint with my new artist grade watercolours. Around the city there was more gold and copper colours than red in the leaves but I did manage to find a few colourful ones that had fallen to the sidewalk.

It seems that I often get my best ideas when I am walking or taking a nice warm bath....anyhow....I decided to have a draw as a gift for you, my special subscribers, so that means, all of you on my list as of today. Here are the cards being made.

giveaway to my subscribers
cards as giveaway for my subscribers

Then I searched the Internet for a random number generator. As you can see, I added a number next to each of your initials. So number 1 was the first subscriber and LH is number 10, the last subscriber. I deleted two people from the draw as each of them receives my drawings and I am sure they won't mind....right hubby?

initials for draw
The winner will receive four watercolour cards with envelopes hand painted by me with my new watercolours. I am using RANDOM.org to select the number. This turned out to be an easy way to choose the winner. And the winner is...... ............... see the number in the blue in the box on the right hand side of the random.org page.
random number generator for draw
four cards  for draw
close-up card  for draw
giveaway for draw

I have ideas for more giveaways in the future so stay tuned!

I am encouraged by the number of visitors to my blog and also by my subscribers given that my blog has existed less than a year, in fact, less than six months!

It isn't as easy as I thought it might be to have material to post each week, but just knowing that you, my subscribers especially, are there for me, really helps me to stay focused on my art and in my writing. You truly do rekindle my inner spirit.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you may be doing today, may you find yourself surrounded by your loved ones on this day of giving thanks.


This blog post is dedicated to Mom. She was my biggest fan, the person who always encouraged me and told me to keep going with my art.

Below are lyrics from a song she played long ago on Sunday afternoons when we would listen to her records and she would work on her stamp collection. With the fall colours, and all the recipes I have made which were Mom's recipes, I am feeling very sad that she is no longer with us to enjoy this beautiful time of the year.

Fall Leaves

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    • Yes, and I have lots of ideas for more draws and contests. I want to show my appreciation for my subscribers. I just have to find the time for everything!

  • Well! Guess who the lucky winner was? Yup, me that never wins anything, won these beautiful cards made by my good friend Louise. Now, what to do with them. I know I should share them with my friends as Thank You cards, or Happy Birthday cards or….but I am tempted to keep them, as they are sooooo pretty. But being lucky enough to have other art pieces from Louise, I will probably share them with people I love. Thanks Louise, for the cards and for your very interesting blogs. I look forward each week to reading you. Keep on blogging! ????

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