The Prompt for this entry: Acts of Love. Sketch or illustrate your appreciation for those who have shown love to you recently. How did they express it? How has it impacted you?

Gratitude Journal Last Act of Love

This illustration, The Last Act of Love, is based on a photo I took last March. We were all gathered by Mom’s bedside, holding her hand, telling her we loved her, but she was not conscious of us on that day or the days to follow. We took turns staying by her side until she left us on March 20.


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  • That is one very touching photo. We appreciate these moments later in our lives. When my mother passed away Louise it was one week before my sons wedding. I did not have time to grieve st that time. But the last year of her life we spent together. I moved up to sturgeon and her and I spent so many unbelievable moments together. When she passed I was not ready but she was. The last thing I did on the evening she died was take her hands in my hands and just held them. I told her that I would no longer be able to hold her hands. She had the most warm, delicate and strong hands that had held all of us. My brothers and sister, grand children, great grand children and friends. Your picture brings me all these memories back. Here I am crying because I miss her so very much. But thank you for sharing this

    • Anne Marie, I couldn’t draw this until some time had passed by. It is never easy to let loved ones go and when they go, we are left with all the good but also the painful memories.

      I am thankful that I was able to be by her side all through those last days as I am sure you are also grateful to have had this time with your mother.

      Thank you Anne Marie for sharing your precious memories of those last moments with your mother.

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