Canadian Autumn Vignette 3 - watercolour

Canadian Autumn Vignette 3

"Where there is no imagination there is no horror." ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Chico is guarding our Hallowe'en pumpkin.

Usually, he sits at the front door, peering out the window and barking at anyone or anything with the audacity to come near our house.

Visitors need not ring the doorbell; Chico announces their presence well before their feet have stepped onto the front porch.

What does he imagine?

His high-pitched bark signals the arrival of the postman, door-to-door salespeople, family and friends as though they are burglars and serial killers. In his little mind, something horrifying is certain to happen if he doesn't sound the alarm!

This Hallowe'en, Chico is sitting on a huge decorative Jack O' Lantern, just waiting to spring into action should anyone step into the yard.

Beware of vicious dog!

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