two sisters ready for winter

Canadian Vignette 2. Amanda and Rose

This morning, Rosie, five years old, and Amanda quickly and surreptitiously snuck out of the house while mom was busy letting Barney out the back door to do his urgent business.

Amanda, thirteen, decided to wear nylons to school even though mom told her it was too cold for nylons and to wear her leggings instead.

But Amanda has a mind of her own (as all girls her age do) and she thinks she knows better than mom who is so "old-fashioned". Now you know the reason for the girls' quick departure while mom's attention was focused on the family's beagle.

You ask why Amanda has an umbrella?

The sky looked ominous earlier in the day, and Amanda did not bother to check the temperature. She assumed the dark clouds meant that rain was on the way.

Now that the school day is over, the girls are walking together. Before leaving her classroom, Rosie tucked her socks way down into her boots. After all, she wants to be grown up too!

As Amanda and Rosie start their twenty minute trek home, ice pellets mixed with snow begin to fall from the heavy skies.

Rosie's little legs are very cold, but she won't admit it to Amanda who is in a big hurry to get to the warmth of her home.

Do you know someone like Amanda and Rose?

I know I do.

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