(This post was previously published on December 4, 2016.)

Why do so many people cringe at the sight of fruitcake?

Lovingly homemade, a Christmas fruitcake is a work of art.

Nonna’s (we called her Nonni) Christmas cake was a lemon loaf gem-studded with cherries, green and red, and glaceed fruits, and nuts. Never mind that it had 6 eggs and close to a pound of butter in it.

In my mind, it was (and still is) the iconic Christmas dessert.

When I was young, the fruitcake was made months in advance, wrapped in cheesecloth, and then brushed weekly with a few teaspoons of brandy. Now, I ask you, what’s not to like about that?

mixed media Christmas fruitcake

(Mixed media sketch of Christmas cake. Chocolate covered peanut butter balls (for you, Mom) melting on the plate.)

On Christmas Eve, Nonna's fruitcake always shared a space with rum balls, fudge, coconut squares, and myriad other sweet confections guaranteed to melt in our mouths.

Even though no one in the family makes this cake anymore, I have fond memories of the colourful gems that sparkled in each slice of Christmas cake each year.

What is your favourite Christmas sweet?

journal entry for Christmas memory
Nonna's traditional white Christmas cake

(Nonni's handwritten recipe which she gave to Mom long ago so that Mom could continue the tradition.)

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