Sherry MacDonald, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculationsSherry McDonald, a survivor's story.

The foundation of my art centers around my desire to work through terrible experiences from my childhood. I am a survivor of extreme child abuse, which comes across in many of my art pieces.

I was born in New Jersey, the oldest of 5 children. Due to many horrific events, my family of origin was split apart and my sister and I went to live in an orphanage and then a foster home. We ultimately ended up living with our birth father, whom we did not know.

I’ve always been attracted to the human face in particular. In high school and college, I strived to draw realistic faces and the human form – mainly using graphite, conte, and charcoal. I decided to get my college degree in Electrical Engineering because women didn’t go into that field in the early 1990’s (or today) and I wanted to prove to all of the people who hurt me, and myself, that I could do it.

Once I graduated from college, I did not touch art supplies for 21 years. I struggled with confidence in my artistic ability and grew very frustrated with that feeling. I had a lot of trauma to work through in those years of no art, so when I was finally able to put the feelings down on paper, they would not overwhelm me.

Guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations, Sherry MacDonald.

In 2016, I suffered from a debilitating depression and knew that I needed to do something (in addition to therapy) to work my way out of the darkness. I began taking online art classes and learning new art techniques. All of my emotions are incorporated into each piece – including the sadness, fear, and pain. But there is usually a feeling of triumph in overcoming the impossible.

Battling "I'm not good enough" demons.

I have so many online artists who have contributed to my art journey.

Jenny Manno at NexJENeration Art really pushed me to remember that “it’s just paper.” (Jenny was a guest on this website in December 2018. "Living a Life Artfully Fulfilled"). It was freeing and exactly what I needed to battle the “I’m not good enough” demons.

My favorite art supplies are: charcoal (white and black), pastel pencils, acrylic paint, graphite, gesso, Neocolor II crayons, matte medium, and oil pastels.

My day job is as a Program Manager over large Engineering programs. I have 2 boys who are 9 and 10, and an amazingly supportive husband.

It is my greatest dream to help people find art again. It saved my life and I know it can do that for other people.

Please visit me on Instagram at @smickeydee or Facebook at !!

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  • I look at your work with the utmost admiration Sherry. So good that you’ve found a way through to your art again. You deserve to be praised for the work you have done, on yourself, and for yourself. Vivienne

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