KitKat is an attention seeker and loves to be around people.

This beautiful black cat was adopted at 15 years of age which is a guess on the owner's part.

The owner works as a pet groomer in Pennsylvania and there were several live-in felines in the shop. One cat in the shop had an attachment for one groomer in particular and kept rubbing up against her while she was working. It was her way of seeking constant attention and extra scratches behind the ears. When the groomer’s husband dropped by the shop, KitKat fell in love with him as well. The couple joked that they ought to steal her.

However, at the time, they had two male cats and didn’t really want a third one.  (These cats were painted by me previously).

A feline with her male harem (or reverse harem).

KitKat in shop
KitKat in grooming shop where she was waiting to be adopted.

When Tony, their male cat, passed away, the couple began to think about adopting the sweet black cat that continued to live in the shop.

Once again, they had second thoughts as KitKat had a harem of adoring males around her all the time.  If she couldn’t cuddle against a groomer, she would always seek a willing cat and snuggle against him.

Finally, when all the cats except KitKat had been adopted, she looked so sad and lonely that they decided it was time to welcome another feline into their home.

This story ends well as KitKat is in a good home with human and feline companionship.  Her need for attention has been sated.

KitKat's portrait - the details.

The clients would display KitKat with two portraits that I had painted previously of Iggy and Tony.

I was able to find the stamp that I had used and I matched the background to the other two paintings. KitKat is painted on an 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvas.

Read testimonials, or view my portfolio on my website. I have different price points and a variety of ways to paint your precious fur baby so that you may also have a forever keepsake in your home of your wonderful companion.

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  • Love seeing your cat portraits and reading the stories behind them! ❤️ I miss my black kitty, Jack who we had to say goodbye to 10 months ago… always sad when they pass but I’m glad to have the memories.

    • Clients do love to share stories of their pets. One year ago, we lost our third dog to illness and old age. I know that all the precious companions that shared our lives with us are never forgotten. Thanks Jill.

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