German Shepherd Louie loves his Chuckit balls.

Louie loves his Chuckit balls so much that they don’t last long.  As you can see in the photo below, this mangled green ball has been chewed like all his previous balls. In my portrait, the colour had to be changed to orange to make it more visible.

Louie is a lucky boy.

Louie was found wandering a country neighbourhood and when no one claimed him, the client became his new owner.

To the best of her knowledge, and the vet’s guesstimate, Louie was 2 years old when he was abandoned. Sadly, this must be a problem many country folks experience: city people abandoning a no longer wanted pet along a country road.

Six years later, his owner contacted me to paint his portrait.

On Monday, I delivered the painting to her and met awesome Louie at the same time. I was quite pleased (as was the client) that I had indeed captured this lovely, majestic boy on my 5 x 7 canvas.

Several German Shepherds in my portfolio.

Louie is not the first German Shepherd in my ever-growing portfolio.

For instance, in May 2020, I painted Kanuk.  Kanuk was a practice portrait on paper and when I posted the art work, I also invented a story to go along with the portrait. However, earlier that same year, I was honoured to paint a memorial portrait of Hunter which was presented as a Christmas gift to the client’s daughter. If you wish, you can read her review on my website.

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